Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Clark, Josh. "Mysteries of the Running Shoe Revealed." 25 april 1998. 16 Nov. 2005

Uppers.> This is the portion of the shoe that covers the top of your foot. The uppers of almost every running shoe are made of nylon or nylon mesh, which is lightweight and breathable and, unlike leather, doesn't stretch when wet.

Clark, Josh. "Mysteries of running shoe revealed." 25 april 1998. 16 Nov. 2005

Uppers.> This is the portion of the shoe that covers the top of your foot. The uppers of almost every running shoe are made of nylon or nylon mesh, which is lightweight and breathable and, unlike leather, doesn't stretch when wet.

2002. 16 Nov. 2005

Nike Zoom Waffle Racer 3


Rain or shine, this cross-country racer keeps you on your feet with super-duper, all-conditions traction.
Minimal two-panel designed upper incorporates breathable mesh for a lightweight fit and feel.
Thin overlays on the upper offer support in motion, while a midfoot drain window allows water to escape for dry, comfortable feet.
Full-length Phylon midsole adds all-over cushioning.
Sculpted arch ensures perfect support.
Full-length BRS 1000 carbon rubber outsole.
Science of tread outsole design offers multi-interface read configuration and a dual-direction lug design for intense traction on any cross-country surface.
Lug positioning ensures traction on the ups and downs. Style number: 308621

Brown, David. "The Running Shoe Prescription." January 2005. 16 Nov. 2005

Anatomy of a Running Shoe
The running shoe is made of four components: the upper, the midsole, the last, and the outsole (figure 1).

Upper. The main parts of the upper are the toe box, tongue, insole, midpanels, lacing system, and heel counter. The upper is usually constructed from a combination of lightweight nylon mesh and synthetic materials that are flexible and breathable, but also durable enough for daily wear. As the name implies, the toe box is the portion of the upper that houses the distal forefoot and toes. The large nylon mesh panel on top allows for heat and vapor dissipation. The toe box must be deep enough to prevent chafing and long enough so the toes don't abut the end of the shoe.

Nike Running Shoes. 2005. 16 Nov. 2005

- Two-panel design includes lightweight, breathable mesh and supportive overlays
- Midfoot drain window keeps the foot dry and avoids water weight absorption
- Phylon midsole has sculpted arch for comfort and support
- Outsole pattern creates traction on all terrain - including wet, muddy and snowy surfaces - with lugs providing traction up and down hillsWeight: 6.5 oz

Denton, J.D. "Little Tracks." December 2005: 78.
"Look for a real running midsole. Lots of so-called running shoes for kids have rubber cup soles that are cheap and durable, but too hard and stif for comfortable runnin. A good EVA foam midsole is best and can be detected by squeezing; if it's resilient, it'll work"

Clarck, Josh. Mysteries of the running shoe revealed. 25 April 1998. 16 Nov. 2005 .

"Heel Counter.> The stiff material at the back of the shoe is built to resist too much motion in the ankle. If you overpronate, you should look for a rigid heel counter. Give it a squeeze to see how firm it is. At the top of the heel counter is usually a chunk of padding called an ankle collar which is intended to protect cushion the ankle and the achilles tendon."

Monday, November 07, 2005


I. Intoduction
1. What I'm doing
II.Features of a racing shoe
A. Cushioning
B. Weight
C. Extra Features
III. Good qalities of a Nike Competitive running shoe
A. How much of the features should be in the shoe
1. Weight
2. Cushioning
3. Exra features
B. Profile
IV. Answer on best shoe
A. Why I think this
B. Pieces from the profile that supports answer
V. Conclusion
A. Restate my answer
B. Overall view

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Keeping Up

So far on this project, I think I'm holding up pretty well. I'm not ahead at all, but not behind either. I think that finding research and information on different shoes will be findable, and maybe the internet might have shoe reviews. If you go to any shoe internet site (nike, ascics, brooks reebok newbalance) there will be information on each different part of a running shoe. This helps a customer know what kind of shoe to buy based on his running style. These websites will help collect information for me easily. I also think that I can find alot of information by using my primary source. Now that I have narrowed my idea to the best racing shoes, I think that making my paper persuasive will be easier.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Buy Men's

Buy Women's
Brooks® Adrenaline GTS™ 6
"Best Update" Award Winner (September 2005)
Runner's World Review:
"Some runners thought the midsole of last year's Adrenaline was too soft; our Shoe Lab tests showed this year's version is firmer. This update is nearly an ounce lighter and the flex grooves in the outsole have been repositioned, giving the shoe a smoother heel-to-toe transition. The fit and feel of the upper remain virtually the same. Recommended for bigger runners with normal arches looking for a stable, responsive trainer."

Wear-Testers Say:
"Excellent in terms of support, breathability and durability."
-Meredith Ulmer, 23, East Lansing
"Brooks seems to be returning to the great fit of the Adrenaline from 2 years ago."
-Jamie Kryminski, 23, East Lansing

primary source

My primary souce for this project will be to find different pictures of running shoes, or to ask one of the employees at phidippedes? If I choose to look for pictures, then I will find pictures of shoes that have information for the different parts of the running shoe. An employee would be an excellent source, because at phidippedes they look at how you run and they'll fit the shoe for you based on your running style. So they know what type of overall shoe would be the best.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 2005. 26 Oct. 2005 <>.

''New Balance footwear is designed with a number of integrated technology components that address specific athletic needs. Choose the benefit below that fits your needs from the pull-down below:''

This is a good place to compare shoes because it gives you a good choice of the specifics of the type of running shoe you want, for example, spikes, lightweight, lightweight performance, comfort, stability, etc. 2005. 26 Oct. 2005 <>.

An example of what Nike takes into consideration when making a shoe.

"STRENGTH-TRAINING WITH NIKE FREENike revolutionized the approach to running footwear by creating a brand new type of footwear designed to mimic barefoot movement. Nike Free helps to build the body's natural abilities, which can help strengthen feet and legs for improved running health and performance. While Nike Free may not be the right primary training shoe for everyone, nearly anyone can benefit from following a training program that incorporates it. "

This is a good site to look at when comparing shoe types. If you click on one single shoe, it lists information about what type of shoe it is and a detailed profile of the attributes of the shoe.


Do you ever go to the shoe store and wonder which type of running shoe to get? Are you one of those people who gets a shoe by its look, or its comfort on your feet? For this research paper, I am going to find out which is the best competitive racing shoe from nike. There are many characteristics to a racing shoe that you have to consider when buying one. To do this paper I will go online and compare the research, technology, and science involving running, and the differnet types of racing shoes nike invents. Who knows, maybe after reading this paper, you will have a better idea of what type of shoe to buy.